What is proof of address?

Proof of Address for Mortgage

What is proof of address?

To open a bank account or apply for credit, you need to prove your identity and address. Depending on which product you’re applying for, different pieces of identification will be required. To avoid delays in getting you set up with the financial service that’s right for you, we recommend checking our list of acceptable documents first proof of address.

Proof of address (POA) is the most common form of ID used to verify your identity. Usually, this means providing one or more official documents that show both your name and current address.

Documents you can use as proof of address

  • Using a household bill as proof of address for mortgage helps us ensure that we’re giving our products to the right people. Most of our financial products require a valid proof of address for mortgages.
  • We accept the following as a valid proof of address:
  • Household bill or printed email from your internet service provider, showing your name and current address
  • Credit card statement or bank account statement, no older than 3 months old, that is addressed to you at your current address
  • Current tenancy agreement that is prepaid for at least 3 months or has at least 1 year left on it. This must be signed by all parties with their name and current address shown
  • Electricity, gas or water bill, no older than 3 months old. This must be the latest version of the bill showing your name and current address, and can’t be a bill for an empty property
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